One Time Fees

Totally Tee Shirts has some one time fees in order to get your order processed. These fees will only be charged to you once, and if you ever decide to order exactly what you've order in the past, they won't be charged to you again.

A one time screen fee of $20 will be charged for every color you wish to be present in your design. If you do not have an adobe compatible vectored file of your image, you will be charged a one time artwork fee of $15 per hour that our artists need to recreate your image.

E-mail Us For A Quote

In order for us to proper process your quote, we will need some specific details about the order you want quoted.

  • How many shirts.
  • How many colors in design.
  • Do you want black, white, or colored shirts.
  • Where will the design be located? Breast pocket, front center, back center, or sleeve.