About Us

Welcome to Totally Tee Shirts, LLC! We are a silk screen printing company based out of Southern New Jersey. Established in 2009, our mission is to provide the highest quality printing work to our clients at the most competitive prices! This fast growing company does all of it's work on-site, and isn't afraid of any job size. Big or small, we print it all! We pride our selves in fast turn around time and complete customer satifaction.

We have created Jersey Grown™ Clothing line for those who call Jersey home, and want to show their pride. Check Jersey Grown™ out, today.

The Silk Screening Process

Step One:

Print your desired image onto ink jet film.

Step Two:

Burn through capillary film onto the screen to form a stencil.

Step Three:

Set screen onto screen printing press.

Step Four:

Fill the flood bar, at the rear of the screen, with desired ink color.

Step Five:

Place desired shirt onto platen board, and position under screen.

Step Six:

Using a squeegee, start from behind the flood bar and "flood" the screen with ink, pressing the ink through the screen onto the shirt.

Step Seven:

"Cook" the image on to the screen using a conveyor dryer to cure the ink onto the shirt.

Step Eight:

Now you're ready to wear your freshly printed shirt!